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CUC’s innovative end-to-end approach to design, manufacture and in-house production ensures product solutions are developed and delivered on time, on budget and compliant with international quality standards.

CUC has been a supplier of the design and manufacture of precision components and bespoke systems in advanced medical devices for over 20 years.

CUC’s manufacturing operations in both Australia and China are ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality accredited. These rigorous standards ensure our customers receive quality products that comply with international regulatory requirements, every time.

CUC offers a range of services including:

High quality, innovative solutions are our first priority. By working with our customers closely and understanding their needs, CUC can ensure requirements are consistently met.

Manufacturing Facilities

Increasing demand has meant that CUC has constantly evolved over the last two decades to support our growing client needs. We have a 3,000 square metre manufacturing facility established in Shenzhen, China. This facility located in China’s ‘Premium Industrial Area’ has certified clean rooms, which significantly increases our capability and overall capacity. Both facilities are ISO9001 & ISO13485 medical device accredited.

and Plastics

Our innovative, high specification precision moulding meets the highest of quality standards; using premium injection moulding machines.

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CUC has the staff and equipment to ensure that every client has access to the highest systems integration technologies available in the medical device manufacturing industry.

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Specialised Jigs
and Fixtures

CUC excels in the manufacture of custom jigs and fixtures, also housing the ability to design from first principles based on the supply of a sample component/assembly/CAD image.

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Turn-key Project Management

Turn-key Project

At CUC we project manage the end-to-end manufacture of your turn-key product, ensuring all client requirements are met.

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